Welcome to Cherry Vintage Patterns!


 Hi! My name is Susan and I’m addicted to vintage knitting patterns. It started a few years ago when I rescued a bag of sad and neglected patterns from my local charity shop. Since then I have vowed to rescue any vintage patterns I come across for the good of my fellow knitters! As you can imagine these patterns are delicate, and some are rare, but I have painstakingly scanned, enhanced and packaged the patterns into easy to print pdfs.

  If you can’t find something you like, bookmark the site and come back soon – I’m always updating and adding new patterns!


 **This collection of vintage knitting patterns is ongoing (I’m constantly adding to it) and has been collated over the years – hopefully you’ll find something here for you.**


Patterns for Babies and Children


Patterns for Women


Patterns for Men


Patterns for Toys


Patterns for Misc. Things